So Your Wedding Venue Fell Through. Now What?

by May 14, 2018

When it comes to planning a wedding not much could be worse than if your dream wedding venue fell through at the last minute. You’ve put in all that work, dreaming about how you are going to decorate your venue.  I bet your wedding even had a theme that went along with the venue.  It’s really difficult to have a barn wedding in some place other than a barn. Now that you have overcome the initial shock of losing your dream location I would like to present you with an alternative venue location. While I know we will never replace your dream barn or the beautiful church your parents or grandparents were in, but what we can offer are 2 affordable historic buildings with plenty of availability. The Highland Wedding Chapel is new on the wedding scene and we would love to host your upcoming wedding. Take the money you will save by booking with us and use it on your honeymoon or buy those neglected items on your registry.

What We Offer

The Highland Wedding Chapel has 4 unique spaces between 2 historic buildings that can be used to create an ideal alternative venue.

The Heritage Pavilion is a beautiful historic church built in the late 1890’s with newly restored original hardwood floors.  It consists of two wonderful spaces, the Chapel, and the Community Room. With seating for 70 and a spectacular stained-glass window, the Chapel is a classic and charming space for a small traditional ceremony. Adjacent to this historic chapel is the Community Room for seamless guest access from the ceremony to the reception or cocktail hour. This room is the perfect spot for a more intimate gathering. It could also be reserved for bridal showers, bridesmaid’s brunches and rehearsal dinners. Visit our Pricing page to learn more.

The Julian Pavilion, our main event building, is a large mid-century modern structure with two large event hall’s, Highland Hall and the Garden Room.  The Highland Hall can be set up for ceremonies and receptions with the ability to accommodate between 120-200 guests.  Located just below Highland Hall sits the Garden Room.  The Garden Room is an ideal space for a cocktail hour or reception. It could also be reserved for bridal showers, bridesmaid’s brunches and rehearsal dinners. Visit our Pricing page to learn more.

Why Your Wedding Venue Fell Through

You Live Together

Have you always dreamed of having a beautiful church wedding but when your venue found out that you and your partner are already living together they told you they could no longer host our ceremony? I am so sorry that happened.  I can only imagine the disappointment you must have felt. At the Highland Wedding Chapel, we don’t care whether or not you are already cohabitating with your fiancé. Dude… it’s the 21st century and we live in Denver.  The cost of housing is way too expensive to pay rent at two locations when you spend most of your time at the others place anyway.

Have Different Religious Traditions

Are you an inter-religious couple having trouble finding a “sort of” religious space to hold your celebration? The Highland Wedding Chapel is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (USA), your religion is your own and we have no desire to put any restriction on you.  Both are many ceremony spaces do have crosses, but they can either be covered up or removed upon request.


If you are a QUILTBAG (a fun new acronym for LGBTQIA+, not 100% sure if I am using it right. If not, I apologize) and are either struggling to find a venue or have lost a venue due to who you are marrying? Then I invite you to come take a tour of the Highland Wedding Chapel. Who you love doesn’t matter to us. What matters is that there is LOVE.  Please, come and share your love with us and allow us to be a part of your happy occasion.

They Won’t Allow Alcohol

Did you fall in love with a beautiful space that won’t allow booze? Well, don’t you worry.  The Highlands Center brews its own beer, so we have ZERO problems with alcohol.  We like it so much we even have hops growing up the side of one of our buildings. So, come, celebrate, and get your drink on; but only in moderation and until 10 pm. If you do desire to serve alcohol at your celebration we just require that you use a caterer or bartending service that holds the liquor license.


If you would like to set up a tour visit our Contact Us page or email me directly at

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