Introducing New Same-Sex Friendly Wedding Chapel in the Denver Highlands

by November 7, 2017

Love is Love is Love is Love!  Here at The Highlands Center, love is at the center of everything we do.  Our deep love for humanity inspires us to open our doors and work to build community with all people, regardless of their racial, sexual, religious, or gender identities. For this reason, we are thrilled to announce the opening of Denver’s newest same-sex wedding chapel, the Highland Wedding Chapel.


Same-Sex Wedding Chapel

For too long LGBTQ couples have had to hide their love and even now that same-sex marriage is legal, couples are still having to be cautious not to be discriminated against when planning their special day. Planning a wedding, while challenging, is supposed to be a joyous occasion.  There is nothing joyful about having to worry whether or not your vendors are homophobic. What makes the Highland Wedding Chapel unique is that we are a part of North Highland Presbyterian Church (USA), a local worshiping community in the West Highlands neighborhood of Denver that believes all people should have the right to marry whoever they love.

Safe same-sex wedding chapel

I have seen far too many friends hurt by religious traditions that preached love the sinner hate the sin.  While attending the Iliff School of Theology, I met LGTBQ folk who didn’t pursue a call to ordained ministry because their denomination isn’t open and affirming. I know some pretty amazing people who were once deeply committed to the church but now, because of this hateful behavior and language, they no longer feel safe in a place they used to call home. This is one of the reasons we felt drawn to the ideas of opening a same-sex wedding chapel.

God is Love – Stained Glass Window at the Highland Wedding Chapel

I can’t imagine what it must be like to grow up dreaming of a beautiful church wedding only to be told that my “lifestyle” isn’t acceptable before God and therefore I am not welcome to celebrate my love is God house.  That is BS! Here at the Highland Wedding Chapel, we believe that God IS love and God IS IN love.  We believe that when two people are in love and choose to join their lives together, God is with them; gay, straight, bi, trans, poly, you name it. God is Love and Love is Love, therefore to Love is to know God. Marinate on that one a while.

If you are interested in learning more about the Highlands Center, the Highland Wedding Chapel, or North Highland Presbyterian Church, please feel free to contact me.

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