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Highland Wedding Chapel Venues

The Highland Chapel Exterior

Situated on the edge of the Historic Ghost District in the West Highland neighborhood of North Denver, the Highland Wedding Chapel is the perfect location for your intimate urban wedding. The venue consists of two buildings, the Heritage Pavilion and the Julian Pavilion.

The Heritage Pavilion is a beautiful historic church built in the late 1890’s. It consists of two wonderful spaces, the Chapel, and the Community Room. With seating for 70 and a spectacular stained-glass window, the Chapel is uniquely suited for small, traditional, and affordable weddings. Adjacent to this historic chapel is the Community Room for seamless guest access from the ceremony to the reception and is the perfect spot for a more intimate gathering.

The Julian Pavilion, the main event building, is a large mid-century structure with two large Halls: Highland Hall and the Garden Room.  The Highland Hall can be set up for ceremonies and receptions, accommodating between 120-200 guests.  Located just below Highland Hall sits the Garden Room.  The Garden Room is an ideal space for a cocktail hour or reception.

The Highland Wedding Chapel Values Love is Love is Love is Love . . .

The Highland Wedding Chapel is part of the Highlands Center, an inclusive and welcoming location that will allow you and your guests to feel relaxed, comfortable, and welcome as you join together to celebrate your love.

The Highland Event Center is host and home for a range of occasions and organizations. From neighbors needing a larger living room for family gatherings, proud families honoring graduations and birthdays, change makers meeting to organize, businesses training staff,  spiritual communities finding sacred space for meditation, movement, and worship . . . the Center has space and commitment to facilitate connectedness and community.

The Center is sponsored by North Highland Presbyterian Church (link) that identifies itself as a progressive, emergent community, committed to creating safe, open space for the neighborhood in its historic church buildings.

The Highlands Center is purposefully more affordable than other venues in the city so that all people can use the venue for the art, spirit, and celebration that matters most and makes our community strong.